About Us


The firm was founded in 2009 as  a therapeutic and personal development-based consultancy firm to contribute strategically in corporate wellness Programs and support workplaces optimize their capacities through provision of comprehensive range of professional services that are evidence-based, solution focused and client centred that will facilitate workforce with the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and develop working teams.

FACCS is comprised of a team of highly skilled trainers with credibility both in the community and in the consultancy profession who are engaged in ongoing personal development. FACCS trainers are committed to make an impact on people’s lives facing challenges in herapeutic processes. Our program is holistic, addressing individual and company/organizational culture and systems for sustainable interventions and is tailored to the unique needs of each company/organization.

The firm commands a solid foundation in offering research, development planning and training services to its diverse clientele. Our work is anchored in a Research-Policy-Practice-RPP framework through which we implement evidence informed programs. We offer tailor made services to our clientele and meet exceptional standards in transforming their aspirations into tangible results. Fariji Africa Counselling Consultants promotes learning, emphasizing innovation and the sharing of knowledge in the continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction.